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Earth Friendly Packaging


Responsible Products are your sustainable solution to everyday living. Their compostable, biodegradable products are made from renewable plant materials, require fewer resources to produce and reduce pollution and plastic waste. RENEWABLE | 100% COMPOSTABLE | ZERO WASTE

Extra strength, high performance. To truly change the world, they’ve taken it upon themselves to make sustainable products that perform the same or better than traditional plastics and Styrofoam. They want your experience and conversion to our products to be seamless.

They offer a 90-Day 110% Money-Back guarantee. When it comes to standing behind their products, their promise is unparalleled in the industry. The guarantee is simple, if you purchase our products and you aren't convinced, they’re the highest quality, most sustainable products you have ever used, just contact them to return the unused portion for a 110% refund of your purchase price (minus shipping
costs). How can they do this? Try the products and find out.

They are a top choice when it comes to supplying sustainable packaging to a wide variety of commercial projects —hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and caterers. There products are built to last... And then quickly compost and biodegrade. 

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