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Food that make you feel great

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Co-founders Taylor and Jacqueline began Brassi in late 2020 while studying business at the University of Michigan. Originally hailing from Oregon and California, respectively, they bonded over their love for daily walks, the newest health trends, and of course, good food. Over the course of their own health journeys, they learned that eating real, unprocessed food made them feel best, and they wanted to share that with others. 


Brassi’s roots began when Taylor and Jacqueline began making “cauli oats” in their college kitchen. It's like your traditional oatmeal, but with a (hidden) veggie, as well as a plant-based protein, healthy fat, dietary fiber, and complex carb. Their tasty recipes quickly became favorites among friends and family, so together, they set out to build the perfect bowl to share with the world; it’s healthy, tasty, and convenient to make. 


Now, Brassi is on a mission to provide you with good food that makes you feel great. They promise to always be transparent with their ingredients -- adding no refined sugars, artificial or “natural” flavors, colors, dyes, waxes, or preservatives. 


Additionally, the negative impact of the food industry on the environment has always been top-of-mind through the evolution of Brassi. Honoring the health of the planet has been a main goal since the creation of their first cauli oat bowl. They promise to act as stewards to the Earth, with sustainability as a priority in everything they do. They provide plant-based foods, with mindful sourcing and packaging made out of recycled materials. Further, they are aware of the footprint that online shopping can cause, so they have committed to using post-consumer recycled shippers, choosing slow shipping (5-7 days), and walking as many local deliveries as possible. Essentially, they want the entire life cycle of their cauli-oats to be friendly to the planet, and they aim to inspire conscious consumerism in the world. 


Let’s #eatbrassi together!

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