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Save The Planet.... and your teeth!

Alright, I know what you’re thinking, “toothpaste tablets?” Well let me get you on one! The toothpaste tablets BYHUMANKIND are crushable soft tablets that contain fluoride and are FDA approved! Also, you can’t say no to that melt in your mouth mintiness that lasts forever!

Here’s how it goes. You grab a tablet out of your gorgeous refillable glass container that can literally withstand the clumsiest person in the world, a.k.a me. You then pop that bad boy in your mouth and chew, the tablet then turns into a foaming paste that will lock onto your teeth and clean as well as help whiten them with help from that fluoride component. Along with the whitening, there is a handy little product inside the tablets called Microcrystalline Cellulose that works to polish your teeth as you brush! Once you are done polishing up those pearly whites, you can then rinse it out and watch your attractiveness level go up 69 percent in the mirror. Do this a sturdy 60 times with 60 individual tablets and then you are due for a refill. The refills come in kraft paper pouches, so you can pop your tablets right back into that sexy glass container of yours and start your favorite process again.

These tablets are amazing for the planet, taking a small step like this will reduce your carbon footprint. Not only does that packaging help with this, but because the tablets are water-free there is less waste in the production of making them. Unlike a lot of toothpaste brands, BYHUMANKIND dedicated themselves to promoting a sustainable lifestyle in that they don’t use products that will harm the environment. Most toothpaste tubes that you see on your day to day have a combination of plastics and aluminum that make them up. No one wants nasty run off plastics and aluminums going into their bodies let alone the planet. Also did you know that when you combine materials like this, it becomes even harder to recycle them. That means that our toothpaste tubes end up building onto the landfills.

Let’s also talk about their amazing mouthwash. In a sleek portable tablet form, this mouthwash is not only easy to use, but it is super sustainable. The mouthwash is made up of a 100% natural formula to be alcohol free for a no burn clean, and get that nice clean feeling for hours. You can get this amazing invention in peppermint, mint-lemon, or ginger flavors. Let’s fix this! Take the simple step in buying BYHUMANKIND Toothpaste Tablets and Mouthwash, trust me, Mother Nature will thank you!

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