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Plant Based Eating

Let me tell you about my journey of plant based eating. In the beginning, I was so disgusted with the fact that there were people in the world that refused to eat cheeseburgers. I remember me and my brother joking about how he shouldn't date a girl because she was a vegetarian. As years passed, my mind opened up a little more on plant based eating as I began to actually educate myself in it. I have always been one to love my meat, so full disclosure, I am not a full plant based eater, though I do implement plant based meals in my routine as I go about my week.

I have seen an enormous change in not only my body but in my mind. I am happier, I feel lighter and my mind is clearer. For those of you that have yet to educate yourself on a plant based diet, let me tell you what I have learned about the benefits of implementing it into your daily or weekly routine. Mind you, I am not a professional, just simply a person that wanted to learn and now wants to share this newly learned knowledge with all of you.

There are five food groups to keep in mind when cooking a plant based meal. There are fruits, vegetables, tubers (which are foods coming from a root), whole grains and legumes. These five food groups are the mecca of a plant based diet. Within these food groups are vitamins and energy boosters that not a lot of people get throughout their day. This is why people tend to shift to a plant based diet because they were missing out on all of the benefits of these amazing superfoods.

Not only will they help you with your vitamin and energy levels. When you shift to a plant based diet, there is great scientific evidence backing up the fact that you are preventing terrible diseases as well. Diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Your health is important, don’t you want to grab a hold of it?

Plant based diets can also help with saving money. When you stick to the good stuff you will notice that your grocery bill will go down because you are not buying the processed food that costs more. You are taking it back to the basics. This can look scary at first. I remember having a plan to start a plant based diet and getting to the grocery store and not knowing where to start. Let me fix that problem for you. Atticus will be posting a plant based meal a week for a month so you will be able to start your cookbook for plant based eating. I would also advise ou to do your own research. Plant based eating is only effective if you are putting the right amount of things in your body, and everyone's chemical make up is different. Know your body and listen to it. If you do this and add some research to it, you are guaranteed to see results!

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