– THE PERFECT CAMPING HAMMOCK – Being a two-person hammock makes this hammock perfect for camping. Coming in at 9’4″ x 6’2″, it’s about 4 inches wider and longer than any other double person camping hammock. The hammock wraps around you, your pad, and sleeping bag to keep the heat in and the bugs out.

– THE COMPRESSION STRAP – The compression strap on the stuff sack allows you to condense the hammock down even smaller. Great for traveling, camping, and backpacking.

– TWO BLACK LIGHTWEIGHT STEEL CARABINERS – Each of our hammocks come with two steel carabiners. The swing gate allows for quick set up with our Snook Straps.

– WHO IS SNOOK? – Snook is a start up that gives a portion of their profits to help causes such as habitat restoration, endangered species protection, trail restoration, but mainly fighting human trafficking.

Snook Purple Double Hammock