Our Dental Routine Sets eliminate the single-use plastic in your dental care routine, for healthy teeth and a healthy planet.

  • Mouthwash — we developed our 100% natural mouthwash tablets to be alcohol-free for a no burn clean that lasts for hours. 60 tablets per refill.
  • Floss — 100% biodegradable floss, designed with a durable, refillable container. 30 yards, about a 3-month's supply.
  • Toothpaste — 100% natural toothpaste in tablet form, designed to polish and strengthen your teeth without the plastic waste. 60 tablets per refill. Contains fluoride.



Dental Routine Set -ByHUMANKIND

  • No single-use plastic — Each product is designed to eliminate the single-use plastic in your dental care routine. The Dental Routine Set eliminates 4.17oz of single-use plastic waste.

    When it's empty — Compost the kraft refill pouches from each product (industrial preferred). Recycle all paper boxes and shipping materials.

    Carbon neutral — We offset 100% of our carbon footprint (including your order) by investing in strategic forest preservation projects.

  • Each Set Includes

    We've preselected the container colors and flavors in each set. Here's what each option includes:

    The Cool Set

    • Toothpaste in Green + Mint
    • Mouthwash in Green + Peppermint
    • Floss in Blue + Peppermint

    The Warm Set

    • Toothpaste in Sand + Mint
    • Mouthwash in Orange + Mint-Lemon
    • Floss in Green + Cardamom