Say goodbye to your old oil-based nylons and hello to your sustainable, comfy CLOVO tights without shorts! Our natural fibers are naturally absorbent, breathable, and free of harmful chemicals unlike synthetic fibers. Enjoy all of the benefits from our EverTights without the attached shorts.

Material Strength: Did you know that CLOVO tights are made with over 70% durable TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers derived from sustainably managed forests?! At CLOVO, we are working hard to bring that number to 100% and get rid of synthetic fibers completely. Because CLOVO Tights are in fact sheer, there is a small chance they may rip, so treat them with care. 

Care Instructions: CLOVO tights can be washed in the handy-dandy free laundry bag included with every purchase. The bag will keep your tights from snagging in a cold-water laundry wash and help limit the release of micro-plastics due to breakage.

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